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Description : Childhood in Arkansas, Louisiana, and McCloud, California; Chico State University, 1954-1956; contracting polio, 1956, and rehab at Fairmount Hospital, San Leandro; majoring in speech therapy at an inaccessible San Francisco State University, 1958-1960; work for Volunteer Bureau of Alameda County; black nationalist and civil rights movements in Oakland; Alameda County Health Department; anti-poverty work for Oakland Economic Development Council, 1965-1968; West Oakland Community...
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Note : Brightness levels vary, and audio levels are high as in original recording. Part 4 has drop out and break-up in the last minute. Description : Berkeley, California Disability Culture and Theory, Arts and Media Source : 7 Tapes of 7: MiniDV Transcript : Art and Activism: Pioneering Theater Artists with Disabilities Rights : Copyrighted. Rights are owned by The Regents of the University of California. Copyright Holder has given Institution permission to provide access to the digitized work...
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Note : High audio levels as in original recording. Part 5 and 6 have left channel audio only. Description : Paul Longmore, an historian of early America at San Francisco State University, was interviewed for the Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement oral history project to document his multiple roles for more than a quarter century, as a pioneering historian of disability, a leader in the development of disability studies, and an activist on disability issues. Source : 10 Tapes of...
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Note : Low audio levels as in original recording. Additional Title : Kitty Cone: Political Organizer for Disability Rights, 1970s-1990s, and Strategist for Section 504 Demonstrations, 1977 Description : Family background in Champaign, IL; education in the South, Japan, and Washington, D.C.; muscular dystrophy diagnosis, health care, family support; University of Illinois, 1962-1967: Rehabilitation Center, civil rights activism, Students for a Democratic Society; political organizing for...
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Description : Growing up in Oregon, Washington, and California; marriage to Verne Roberts and raising four sons; PTA work in San Mateo; polio of son Edward V. Roberts at age 15: medical care, iron lung, therapy, transition to home; Ed's continuing education: Burlingame High School, College of San Mateo; first disabled student living at Cowell Hospital, UC Berkeley; Ed's work at Center for Independent Living (CIL) and California State Department of Rehabilitation; Zona's education: College of...
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Note : Low audio levels as on original recording. Description : Kansas background; education, Wellesley College, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; professor of economics, Marietta and Eureka colleges, 1924-1938; regional supervisor, Consumer Purchases Survey, researcher for the American Federation of Labor, people and issues of the 1936-1941 era; chief, Program Planning Branch of the Bureau of Old Age and Survivors Insurance (Social Security Administration), 1942-1951; positions with Fund for the...
Topic: californiarevealed